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Masterclass - Flow Chemistry, from lab to industry
Curious towards the latest insights and developments of microreactors? Then join the masterclass ‘Flow chemistry, from lab to industry’ by academia and industrial experts who share their most recent principles, through theory courses and lab visits.  
Flow chemistry is an emerging reactor technology to increase the efficiency, safety, environmental impact and reliability of chemical reactions. New process windows are opened to give the chemist the opportunity to explore new chemical possibilities. Starting from lab-on-a-chip application, on mg-scale (produced with nano- and micro-technology), the technology is now capable to scale-up towards industrial production, which makes it a tool to improve processes in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.
After participating in this masterclass you will have a keen insight in the latest developments in flow chemistry. You know the facts about mixing and heat transfer and have an overview of the state-of-the-art in research. You will become familiar with the synthesis of chemicals including nanoparticles in a flow chemistry process. Through lab-visit and presentations you will also get an insights in industrial applications. When participating in the fool course, a free flow scan will be offered by Chemtrix BV which gives you the opportunity to scan if Flow Chemistry is potentially beneficial to your selected reaction.
Who are addressed?
With this masterclass we address professionals that work or want to work with flow chemistry, but might feel that they can deepen their knowledge, or want to broaden their view on chemical technology. These include:
  • Scientists, chemists, researchers, physicists and mechanical engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers/students of Higher Vocational Education (students year 3 and 4)
Program Masterclass
day 1 - September 19 2013 - Lecture
* Industrial production with microreactors - Peter Poechlauer (DSM)
* General principles: mixing, flow and transfer properties - Leon Geers (TNO)
day 2 - September 26 2013 - Lecture
* Research overview microreactors - Volker Hessel (TU/e)
* Chemical synthesis in a lab flow reactor - Charlotte Wiles (Chemtrix)
* Lab visit DSM
day 3 - October 10 2013 - Lecture
* Upscaling of the microreactor process - Luc Moens (Johnson & Johnson)
* Application systems for laboratory purposes - Thomas Bayer (Provadis)
* Lab visit Chill
Details & Registration
The masterclass 'Flow chemistry, from lab to industry' will take place at Chemelot, Geleen. You will receive a full masterclass Syllabus, and each participant will receive a certificate when finishing the masterclass.An attendance fee of  € 195,- is asked for participation (students free, limited number). The price includes a free flowscan by Chemtrix.

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